New Issues of ‘World Future Review’ published

New Issues of ‘World Future Review’ (Vol. 8, No. 2) was published on June 2016.

Table of Contents:

Introduction to June 2016 Issue
By Aubrey Yee

Editorial for June 2016 Issue of World Future Review
By Jim Dator

Academic Publishing in Transition: The Case of Foresight
By Richard A. Slaughter

1,000 Futures: Testing Resiliency Using Plausible Future Headlines
By Theodore J. Gordon

An Operational Process for Organizational Foresight and Anticipation
By Victor Vahidi Motti and Mahestan Masoumi

Centre Català de Prospectiva: Building Better Futures in Gray Times
By Jordi Serra del Pino

Social Movements and Futures Research
By Markus S. Schulz

My Journey as a Futurist
By Peter C. Bishop

World Future Review (WFR) is the top forum for all who are professionally involved in exploring trends and alternatives for society. This dynamic quarterly publication offers valuable insight on the theoretical, research and practical issues confronting those interested in futures research. Along with interviews with leading futures practitioners, WFR publishes important new foresight literature addressing topics informed by technology assessment, policy analysis, operations research, issues management, competition research and more.

You can access these articles on journal’ website:

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